Konjo Mama has a strong educational focus and Caroline and Dean are both teachers, working with a range of students and multicultural communities in Victoria. We support learning through real life experiences that reach far beyond the classroom.

Konjo Mama has actively supported the building of a school in a remote area of Ethiopia with Friends of the Hudad, a small Melbourne-based NGO, through fund-raising activities and hands-on building trips to Ethiopia.

Pictured here are four of the extended Konjo Mama family during a 2017 construction expedition, together with other Friends of the Hudad volunteers and locals.

Konjo Mama delivers food education and practical cooking experiences for young people aiming to reduce food insecurity, break barriers, grow knowledge and skills and uphold dignity.

Konjo Mama supports Bendigo Foodshare ( through the facilitation of Community Programs such as ‘Cooking for Change’ and ‘Café for a Day’, working with young people in schools and community settings. These projects support young people to help others in their own communities and beyond by working with them to prepare meals for people in need. Thousands of meals have been prepared with the support of Konjo Mama, and the young people involved in these projects have gained valuable skills and knowledge relating to the preparation of food, health eating and nutrition, and issues surrounding food security.

Other social enterprise activities include business mentoring for migrant and refugee women through Migrant Women in Business  (, cooking demonstrations and working with young entrepreneurs to support charitable causes.