Ethiopian food is unique, combining a complex array of flavours. Dishes are cooked using fragrant spiced oil and the distinctive Ethiopian spice mix, berbere. Berbere, a blend of chilli, garlic, ginger, ajwain, nigella, fenugreek, basil, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric, is the key ingredient in our dishes. It is full of flavour but not necessarily chilli-hot – it all depends on the amount of berbere added to the dish! If you really like your food hot, then add mitmita, a fiery chilli mix, which is offered as an additional seasoning to produce a real flavour explosion!

Ethiopian savoury dishes are called “wots”. Konjo Mama offers a range of vegan wots including bean, lentil and vegetable dishes. These are served with golden rice or Ethiopian injera, a sourdough flatbread with a unique spongy texture.

In addition to our traditional Ethiopian menu, Konjo Mama’s fusion dishes give world cuisines an inspirational Ethiopian twist. For example, our crisp tacos or soft burritos are filled with a berbere-flavoured, sweet potato and red bean Ethiopian wot, and our puff pastry pies contain a range of Ethiopian fillings.

Sweet offerings are also given an Ethiopian flavour, with cardamom, coffee and lemon featuring strongly in our cookies and cakes. Cardamon shortbread, mocha brownies and lemon polenta cake combine Ethiopian flavours to produce sweet delights!

Konjo Mama serves organic Ethiopian coffee, sourced from the Yirgacheffe region, where small farm operations ensure that profits benefit the local village communities. Our coffee is served espresso style, with the full range of lattes and cappuccinos available with your favoured milk choice. Ethiopian ‘Coffee on the Rocks’, espresso shots poured over ice, is our summer speciality.

For those of you who prefer a caffeine-free alternative, Konjo Mama offers hot, spiced ginger or turmeric lattes, made with your choice of soy, almond or dairy milk, as well as a range of herbal teas. In the summer months, iced turmeric latte is a refreshing favourite.